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From: mike loggerman
Subject: Health Club HookupsA 24 hour health club opened near my apartment, and I joined, not because
I'm into working out, but because I like to swim and love being around naked
men in the locker room and showers. One evening, I went to swim about
10PM. Very few people were around so I had the place to myself. When I was
done, I went to the locker room and then to the showers. A few minutes
later, an Asian guy came in and stood at the shower across from mine. He
was very thin and smooth, but had a thick black bush and a large hard cock.
I was amazed that he would walk around with a hard cock and didn't even try
to hide it. Preteen Model Pics
He noticed me looking and kept on showering. I smiled and
commented that he had a really nice cock and that I hadn't seen many Asians
who had cocks that big. He thanked me and said he likes to come here late
at night because he always gets hard in a locker room and if no ones around
to notice, its not so much of a problem. I asked if he shot a load would
it go down and he said it would but its weird to jerk off in a locker room.
I told him if he wanted, I'd be happy to help get him off. I reached out,
and with a soapy hand started stroking his big hard cock. He asked what I
wanted to do, and I said anything he wanted. He said if I was into it, he'd
really like to fuck and I said I'd like that. He had me lean against the
wall and started soaping my ass. He held my hips as he slid his soapy cock
up my ass. I moaned as he started moving in and out of me. Our wet soapy
bodies slapped each other as he pounded me hard and fast. He started
moaning softly and I felt his cock swelling inside me as he shot his load.
He thanked me and washed his now softened cock and went to the locker room.
I washed my ass, and went to my locker and got dressed. Other guys started
coming in so we didn't talk. I hoped I'd see him again, and left.The next evening, I went to the gym for a swim. When I was done, I took my
shower and was sitting on the bench by my locker, when a guy came out of the
shower and opened the locker near mine. As he dried himself, he put one
foot up on the bench, so his cock and balls were at eye level with me. I
asked how his work out went and he chattered on about endurance training as
I noticed his thick bush went back behind his balls. I was less than a foot
from his cock. He shook it Preteen Model Pics a couple of times and I asked how big that thing
gets. He smiled and said if I wanted to know, I'd have to find out for
myself and laughed. I said I wouldn't mind that, and he said he could use
that kind of a work out. He said if I wasn't busy, I was welcome to hang
out at his place for a while. I told him I'd love that. He asked what I
liked to do. I said it Preteen Model Pics depended on who I met and what they liked to do.We met in the parking lot and I Preteen Model Pics followed him to his place. He opened his
futon in the living room and I sat down and pulled down his shorts, sucking
his big hairy cock. He took off his shirt, and then took off mine, as i
slid down my shorts and briefs. He lay on top of me as he sucked my tits
and said he was checking out my tits in the locker room and was thinking how
hot it would be to fuck me. I guided his cock to my hole as he sucked my
tits. I felt him pressing his cock against my hole, sliding in and out
until he was in me balls deep. I wrapped my legs around him as he slowly
pounded my ass. he fucked me with long slow thrusts until he filled my ass
with cum. I thanked him for fucking me and he said he'd like to do it
again. I gave him my cell number and I left.The next evening, I went back to the health club later than usual. It was
almost midnight and the place was almost empty. A chubby guy about 20 was
coming in the same time I was. I followed him into the locker room and we
watched each other as we undressed. He had a mostly smooth body but a very
wide bush with a big soft cock. It was unusual because most chubs I've
known have had small cocks. He was watching me as well, and when we were
both naked, I asked if he comes here this late often. We were obviously
looking each other over, and didn't even try to hide it. He said he usually
does because he doesn't like to be here when the muscle guys are around
because they make him feel self conscious. I told him I didnt think he
needed to worry because he looked pretty great. He stepped closer to me and
said he thought I looked pretty good too. He stepped closer to me and
rested his hand on my waist and asked if I'd like to work out with him
privately. I felt him slid his hand down to my crotch and cup my balls. I
stared into his eyes and said I'd love to. We got dressed and I took him to
my apartment.We slowly undressed each other and I licked his pits and he sucked my tits.
He started roughly playing with my ass cheeks and fingered me. He spread
his legs as he stood before me, and I deep throated his thick seven inch
cock. He moaned as I sucked him and enjoyed his scent. He lay on top of me
and tongue kissed me as he squeezed my tits and rubbed his hard cock into
mine. He asked if I liked being with another chubby guy and I told him he
was very exciting. I felt him pulling my legs up, and his thick cock head
pressing against my asshole. I moaned loudly as he slid his big thick cock
in and out of my ass working it deeper inside me. He tongue kissed me and
sucked my tits as he slowly slid his bare cock inside me. He said he loved
fucking me and thrust Preteen Model Pics his cock in and out of me faster and harder. I told
him he was hot and he Preteen Model Pics
kept pounding my ass. he started grunting as he
thrust hard and fast, and then I felt him shooting a thick warm load inside
me. I sucked his cock clean and he sucked the cum out of my ass and then
shared it with me as he kissed me. He asked if I would Preteen Model Pics be a regular fuck
bud with him and I agreed. He stayed the night with me and fucked me again
in the morning before he left.One afternoon I was thinking about going to the gym for early evening and
the Asian guy I met there came over my apartment. He was horny,and within
five minutes we were on my bed with his cock inside me. As he pounded me,
he was telling me the gym was looking to increase business so unofficially,
between two and four AM every day, the place was open for gay friendly
activities, as long as it stayed in the back. He sucked my tits and shot
his load deep in me and got dressed and left. I took a nap, and woke up at
1AM.I went down to the gym and got undressed in the locker room. There were a
dozen or so guys around in various stages of sex. A skinny black guy in his
40s was looking me over and started grabbing my ass and slapping it. He ran
his cock up and down my ass crack and put his arms around me, squeezing my
tits. I moaned as he pressed his body against mine and licked my ear as he
pressed his cock head against my hole.. He was precumming and it was
getting slippery. I leaned against my locker and Preteen Model Pics
he pressed his cock
against my hole, moving in and out until he was balls deep inside me. I
moaned as he sensuously fucked my hole. He moaned along with me and a
couple of guys were stroking their cocks as they watched. He asked if I
liked his big black cock inside me. I told him I loved any cock of a
stranger inside me. he thrust harder and faster and shot his load inside
me. Before I could move i felt a hard cock sliding in my ass. It was very
thick and the pubes that were hitting my ass were very dense. I noticed a
mirror to my side and a tattooed hispanic guy was fucking me. While I was
being fucked, an older man got under me and sucked my cock. My cock
exploded in his mouth and I shot a huge load as the hispanic guy held me
tightly and fucked me harder. A moment later, he shot his cum inside me and
pulled out. Most of the other guys were busy with other people so I went to
the showers. I saw a very hairy quiet man, who looked about 50. he was
skinny with a big cock, and I asked why he wasn't outside with the other
guys. he Preteen Model Pics
said he was kind of particular and I seemed busy with other guys.
I told him I loved skinny hairy guys more than any other, and asked if he
needed to get off. His cock was hard so I got on my knees and sucked it.
He had a hot musky scent and I wanted him badly. I got up and soaped his
big cock and asked him to scrub my ass wiht his brush. He slid his big cock
inside me and fucked me as he slapped my ass. he lasted almost ten minutes
and we drew another crowd. I felt his cock expand and he shot his load
inside me. As he pulled out, a voice came over the loudspeaker that happy
hour was over and we needed to wind up activities. I stayed in touch with
my slender hairy stud and we hooked up many times.

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